Working Over Coffee

Professional Resilience Training 

A 3 hour live virtual self-care workshop on stress management and burnout prevention for mental health, healthcare and social service teams/organizations.

What's Included: 

  • Research-based information on stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress and self-care.

  • Understand how and why helpers can sometimes feel burdened, helpless, exhausted, even burned out when caring for others.

  • Overview of the risk factors, symptoms of stress, the stress cycle and tools to address burnout

  • What self-care is, how to address the barriers, and how to make self-care sustainable while improving the ability to be effective as a helper.

  • The importance of taking a trauma-informed approach to self-care

  • Experiential self-care practices, along with handouts on how to create a self-care plan tailored towards specific needs and goals. 

  • Q and A time for attendees to bring up questions and concerns related to burnout and self-care