Orange Blossom

Individual Therapy

Making an effort to seek help is a brave step - one that can bring healing, growth and change.  I provide an affirming, supportive space for you to explore the issues that are important to you, reconnect with your values and inner direction, and challenge unhealthy behavior patterns or thoughts that are holding you back from living your full potential.  




Areas of Focus: 




Grief and loss 

Life transitions

Relationship challenges 




Work/academic stress  

Identity exploration 

Personal growth


Integrative Holistic Therapy 


Holistic therapy includes all aspects of your being: mind, body and spirit.  I blend elements from a variety of approaches and tailor them according to each client’s needs and goals.  A holistic framework will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself on all these levels.


Why an integrative holistic approach? 


Untreated trauma, chronic stress, and adverse life experiences linger in our systems and can create a host of issues including physical tension, inflammation, relational problems, low self-esteem, insomnia, and an array of other symptoms.  Nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle imbalances may contribute to mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Supplementing our therapeutic work with lifestyle modifications improves therapeutic outcomes and creates the most effective positive change. 


Areas that may be assessed during treatment include: 

Sleep patterns 

Women’s hormonal cycle 





Mind-body connection